November 10, 2023
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Smart Homes for Smart Aging: Using Technology to improve Senior Safety and Comfort

The last few weeks, we have been discussing emergency preparedness for our aging loved ones. This next series will speak to using current technologies to help reduce risk of an emergency situation and improve the quality of life for those aging in place.

When our loved ones get older, their homes need to keep up with their changing needs. That's where smart home gadgets come in! These devices can make homes safer and more comfortable for seniors. Let's look at how this occurs. Also, just FYI, none of the linked products are affiliate links, they are just for informational purposes.

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Understanding Smart Home Technology

So, what's a smart home? Imagine a house that has special gadgets to help with everyday tasks. These gadgets can turn lights on or off, play music, or even tell you when someone's at the door! They're not just cool; they make life easier, especially for seniors who want to stay in their own homes.

Smart homes can help in many ways. They can keep our elderly family members safe by making sure they don't trip over in the dark. They can save energy by turning off lights when no one's in the room. Plus, they can make life more fun by playing favorite songs with just a voice command! 

Safety-Enhancing Gadgets 

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Let's dive into some of the cool gadgets that can help keep our grandparents and elderly parents safe. First up, we have motion sensing lights. These lights are amazing because they turn on by themselves when they sense someone is in the room. No more trying to find the light switch in the dark! Plus, some can even be controlled from your phone, whether you're in bed or away from home. Here is one option from Amazon

Then there are smart locks. These locks are like magic; they can lock and unlock doors without needing an actual key! You can use a phone, a code, or even your voice. This means if mom forgets her keys, she won't be locked out. You can also allow emergency services access with smart locks. This feature can save critical time in the event of an emergency. Here is one such lock that can be purchased for less than $100 with 4.4 stars and over 800 reviews.

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Comfort and Convenience Through Automation 

Staying comfortable at home is super important. Smart thermostats can keep the house just the right temperature, and they can be controlled from anywhere! Imagine being able to make the house warm before even getting out of bed. And with voice-controlled helpers like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, turning on the TV or calling a friend is as easy as asking out loud.

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Smart Health Monitoring Tools

These gadgets aren't just about comfort; they can help keep track of health, too. Some wearables can check things like heart rate and how well someone is sleeping. There are even smart pill boxes that remind seniors when it's time to take their medicine. More on these devices in a future post.

Overcoming Tech Challenges for Seniors

Smart devices are practical additions for home for the elderly

With all these gadgets, it's important they are easy for seniors to use. Big buttons, simple menus, and clear voices can help a lot. And if there's ever a problem, having someone to call for help is a must.

By bringing smart technology into the homes of our elderly loved ones, we give them the tools to stay safe, enjoy their independence, and have more fun, all while giving us peace of mind. It's a win-win!

Let's help our seniors make find and use technology that fits within their lifestyle to make sure their home is a safer, happier home!

That's all for today.

Take care, keep mom safe at home and have a great day!


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