September 23, 2022
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Are DIY Home Renovations on a Budget Worth It?
It’s tempting to do DIY home renovations on a budget.  But the question is, would you save money by doing things on your own? Or would it be better to hire a contractor in the long run?  That’s the question we will answer today.  So let’s go!  Benefits of renovating your home for aging in […]
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Why Do I Feel Like I’m Not Good Enough? Getting Over Caregiver Guilt
Why do I feel like I'm not good enough?  Believe it or not, every caregiver must have asked themselves this question.  In my opinion, caregivers are among the most amazing people.  It's never easy to attend to people in need. Yet, most of the time, caregivers put their needs last to care for their loved […]
I’m Not Good Enough: How to Deal with Caregiver Guilt
Do you hear yourself saying, “I’m not good enough”? Ask any caregiver this question, and you will get a yes. Whether caring for a baby or aging parents, it’s easy to find fault in your actions.  But you know what? If you’re feeling this way, there’s good news for you.  Today we’ll discuss what to […]
How to Treat Sarcopenia in the Elderly and Improve their Health
Do you want to know how to treat sarcopenia in the elderly? In the previous blog post, we discussed what sarcopenia is and how it affects a person’s daily life.  We also discussed the difference between muscle atrophy and sarcopenia.  Today, we are going to share more information about how to treat sarcopenia in the […]
Sarcopenia Symptoms: Top Causes and its Implications for the Elderly
What are sarcopenia symptoms that we should be looking out for in our elderly? Muscles play a crucial role in our everyday lives—from walking and climbing stairs, to picking up groceries and folding laundry.  As we age, our muscle mass decreases. This can lead to health problems such as postural weakness that can lead to […]
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