December 8, 2023
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Merry & Bright: Age-Friendly Holiday Decorating Tips
This week we are going to take a break from the technology for aging in place series and move towards discussing Christmas, the holidays and winter safety in the coming weeks. We will resume the technology for aging in place series in the new year. I hope you enjoy it! The holiday season is here, […]
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Senior Safety Solutions: Navigating the World of Personal Emergency Response
Last week we took a look at wearable technology and part of that was a brief look at pros and cons of medical alert devices. You can find that post here. Another name for Medical alert devices is Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). Today we will look at an overview of this technology as well […]
Step by Step: Empowering Senior Health with Wearable Technology
When it comes to taking care of our older family members, we want to maximize their quality of life. One good way to do this is with wearable technology.  These are small gadgets they can wear that help keep an eye on their health. Let's take a look at how these tools are making a […]
Doctor Visits Go Digital: Embracing Telehealth for Aging Adults
Last week we started our look at technology to help our loved ones improve their quality of life. We discussed some gadgets that can be found in a smart home to improve safety and security in the day to day routine. That post can be found here: Healthcare is getting a tech makeover, making it […]
Smart Homes for Smart Aging: Using Technology to improve Senior Safety and Comfort
The last few weeks, we have been discussing emergency preparedness for our aging loved ones. This next series will speak to using current technologies to help reduce risk of an emergency situation and improve the quality of life for those aging in place. When our loved ones get older, their homes need to keep up […]
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