March 17, 2023
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Best Small GPS Tracking Devices to Keep Your Seniors Secure
Do you worry that your elderly loved ones are wandering off when they go out alone?  A small GPS tracking device is great for seniors because of its non-invasive design. Whether you're looking for a device to wear around the neck, in a pocket watch, or attach to any item of clothing - there's an […]
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Hiring A Caregiver? 6 Tips on How to Find the Best One
Hiring a caregiver for home care can be a challenging task.  Whether you are looking for someone to care for an elderly family member, a child with special needs, or a loved one recovering from an illness or surgery, you want to find a trustworthy, compassionate, and experienced caregiver. So today, I will share the […]
Why Caregivers in Home Care Need A Daily Schedule
Caregivers in home care know the challenges of caring for seniors with dementia.  As seniors reach the later stages of life, they often rely heavily on their caregivers for comfort, security, and guidance.  But not everyone comes equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for caring for dementia patients.  So if you’re new to this, […]
Easy Decluttering Tips for Hoarders for a Clutter-Free Home
Are you looking for easy decluttering tips for hoarders? Is your loved one struggling with keeping their homes clutter-free? Are they struggling to find the stuff they need because of all the trinkets and junk? If so, take heart — help is available.  In this blog post, we'll provide practical decluttering tips for hoarders so […]
Best Home Organizing Tips for a Clutter-Free Living Space
Are you looking for the best home organization tips for your loved one?  This will help them create a tidy and organized home.  As adult children, we often worry about the well-being of our elders. One way to help them live a comfortable and safe life is by organizing their homes.  Cluttered living spaces make […]
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