July 30, 2021
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How Elderly Home Care Makes Aging in Place Possible for Seniors

Do you have someone you love in need of elderly home care due to their declining well being or health? Many factors come into play with elderly care at home. Some of the first things you may worry about is any physical impairments they struggle with. Read on and learn more about how to care for the elderly in their own home and the benefits from doing so.

Do not forget to discuss the importance of cutting costs for elderly care at home with the family. We are talking about safety devices and senior care products to make life easier for seniors. Follow along as we talk about caring for the elderly in their home. We will also cover how much it costs and the tools and equipment that are must-haves. We will guide you along on the most cost-effective way to get your hands on some of these.

What is Elderly Home Care?

It is a known fact that most of the elderly prefer independent living in their own homes. Eldercare is the fulfillment of any special needs or requirements unique to seniors.

Elderly care covers long term care, home care, hospice care, and assisted living. Now is a good time for family members and caregivers to learn how to provide better care to seniors at home.

There are many challenges with regards to caring for the elderly who chose to live on their own. As they age, their physical abilities stand in the way of living a quality life. This is where the family can show their support by looking for ways to overcome most of these challenges. There is no need for the elderly to give up on their dreams of living at home.

The last thing any elderly person wants is having to move to a senior caring facility. The chances are that their health will decline, and their needs will increase as they age. These challenges can be overcome.

You can make use of modern technology, senior care products and other adaptive devices. Family desires nothing more than for loved ones to experience a quality life. They should remain independent for as long as possible. This is why they need to have discussions among themselves and set goals for caring for their loved ones.

Products for elderly home care  purchased online

Senior Care Products and Adaptive Devices to Aid Elderly Home Care

It sure is rewarding to see a smile of approval on your loved one’s faces. Especially, once they know you helped them with elderly care products. This way, they will experience the comforts of being at home and live a quality life.

Let’s talk about the most helpful senior care products, made to benefit the elderly. This makes life easier on caregivers who may have a part in taking care of their needs in case of any infirmities.

Shower Chair

For an elderly person, showering mustn’t be an activity that requires balancing acts. With the use of a shower chair, they will be less at risk of falling. What’s more, an elderly person can take care of their hygienic needs and other activities of daily living. Medical shower chairs offer extra support and are very lightweight. This makes them perfect for increased stability and prevents tipping.

Safety Bars that are ADA-Compliant

What you want as an extra safety measure is to use safety grab bars. These are excellent for preventing falls in a bathroom. Having these installed will boost the elderly individual’s confidence and independence. So, they will maintain their privacy and dignity for many years to come. As long as you buy ADA-compliant grab bars, to ensure your loved one's safety.

Non-Slip Bath Rugs and Mats

Non-slip bath rugs and mats are worthwhile to have in any bathroom. Having these will prevent slipping accidents when placed over slippery wet floors. Check the non-slip mats you buy to see they feature a layer of plastic or other high-friction material. This will ensure a person's safety.

Medical Alert Systems

The most important senior care product would be FDA approved medical alert systems. You never know when an elderly person may trip or lose their balance, fall and injure themselves. Automatic fall detection tracking by modern-day alert systems give you peace of mind.

Senior care products are things like a toilet seat riser, hand-held shower heads, adjustable beds, etc.

How Much Does Elderly Care Cost?

cost of elderly home care

Everyone needs and wants a place they can call their own, but it should be safe, secure and comfortable. Ensuring the safety of an elderly loved one presents many challenges. One of these is having enough funds to cover elderly care costs. There is no easy way to calculate what you need to pay every month to cover expenses taking care of the elderly.

What we can do is provide guidelines to give you a basic idea of elderly home care costs. Let’s delve right in.

Often a member of the family takes it upon themselves to manage the affairs of their loved ones. They would provide financial support where needed. Take care of the installation of specialized senior care products. This would also include emotional support and healthcare. Something else is to keep tabs on senior mobility by providing transport where required.

At times it may involve using a caregiver once a loved one ages and becomes infirm. They may need special care in their own homes. We love our elderly and want to make life as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot deny the fact that it involved money to make this happen. It sure helps if you know what you are up against.

When you care for someone yourself and make the necessary modifications to an elderly loved one’s home, it would help if you know what you are up against.

You may have to budget for special equipment such as handrails that can amount to $70 or more, depending on your particular preferences. In other cases where senior mobility is jeopardized, you can expect to pay more than $1,200 for stair lifts. Ramps, in case the person is in a wheelchair, can cost you anywhere from $60 upwards.

We will not go into too much detail over here on all you can expect to pay for elderly care. There is an elderly care source that talks about home carer costs and live-in care.

It is best you speak to your local community for tips on how to cut costs on elderly home care costs. Most of them faced similar circumstances.

Experience Savings by Using Second-Hand Equipment

The need for medical equipment for the elderly is on the rise. It makes sense to save on costs by browsing trusted websites. Over here they provide used home medical equipment. These would includes; power scooters, wheelchairs, lift chairs, walkers, and more. You may want to have a look at what Goodwill Home Medical Equipment has to offer.

Must-Have Elderly Care Tools and Equipment

hand held shower with step improves elderly home care.

There are all kinds of equipment for seniors that claim to make life easier for them. The question is, how do you decide what your elderly loved ones need and what will work best for them?

It will be great to have some guidelines from health care professionals. They have years of experience, knowing which senior tools and equipment are best. Having the right tools will help a great deal to serve the needs of your aging parents.

We thought it best to include a list of must-have tools for elderly home care:

  • Bathroom products - Toilet safety rails, handheld shower, bathtub chair, bath rail, and bathtub lifts.
  • Bedroom products - Bed wedge, blanket support, bed risers, bed sail, and more.
  • Dressing products - Elastic laces, sock aid, long shoe horn, reacher, etc.
  • Mobility products - Folding canes, front-wheel walker, scooters and transport wheelchair.

The products listed over here are by no means an extensive list of what you may need. We invite you to head over to places like Avacare Medical to shop for must-have senior products.

Knowing there is so much support out there brings peace of mind. It helps to know there is a way to save on costs when it comes to elderly home care. Many sources offer discounts on mobility products. They also offer advice on the best safety devices and alternative solutions. Besides, it is all about making it easier on family members who care for the elderly in their own homes.

It pays to be kind to an elderly person and make their surrounding areas as user-friendly as possible. Why not go the extra mile and make a difference in your loved one’s life. The way to do so is to buy good quality products to help ease their living circumstances. You get pharmacies such as Burts who do a good job of making a range of medical equipment available. 

After all, taking care of the aging presents numerous challenges to those who are aging in place. It is best to be well prepared in more ways than one. We recommend you read our quick guide to taking care of the elderly

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