September 15, 2023
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Aging in Place: The Four Pillars of a Healthy Lifestyle for the Elderly
In today's rapidly advancing world, more seniors are expressing the desire to age gracefully within the comforts of their homes. As caregivers, it is our duty to support this wish, but it also requires a thought out plan. A plan that ensures that our aging loved ones don't just live but thrive in their golden […]
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How to Get Power of Attorney for Elderly Parents Easily
Like any other loving family member, Phyllis and her family would love some timely advice with regards to how to get power of attorney for elderly parents without too much effort. One of the primary legal tools family caregivers need to manage an elderly parent's finances, or health care is a POA (Power of Attorney) document. Without […]
Continued Care Retirement Communities Guide
Continued care retirement communities (CCRC) are long-term care options for the elderly who wish to stay in the same retirement care facility through different phases of aging. They can offer peace-of-mind for your senior loved one for the rest of their lives.   There are many factors to consider when helping your aging parent plan where […]
Challenges Your Parent will Face when Aging in Place
What does it mean to age in place? Simply put, it means your loved one gets to retain their independence and level of autonomy, which is something that is not available to many other seniors. The beauty of aging in place, is that you are allowed to continue living in comfort and familiarity offered by […]
What Do the Facts Reveal on Deaths from Falling Among Seniors?
Falls are among the leading cause of injury-related deaths for people over the age of 65. Are you aware of the fact that the rate of deaths from falling increased by a whopping 31% from 2007 through 2016?   Falls pose a real threat to older adults and reduces their ability to stay independent. However, you […]
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