December 30, 2022
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5 Best Lessons I Learned While Blogging in 2022
2022 was a year of exploration for me as a blogger.  As you know, I’ve created Keep Mom Safe at Home as a place where caregivers can find resources for senior care.  But over the years, it has expanded into caregiver tips and home improvements for aging in place.  So today, I’m sharing with you […]
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Aging in Place vs. Step Up In Care Model
Keep mom safe at home is an idea built around the concept of aging in place. It is a simple concept, live at home. But in practice, it becomes more and more difficult as we age. Ninety percent of those born before 1965 state that they would like to stay in their own homes as […]
How Geriatric Physical Therapy Benefits Aging Parents
How can you tell if your parents need Geriatric Physical Therapy (PT)? The most common way physical therapy is prescribed is after an injury or hospitalization. Did mom fall and break a bone? Get sick and spend 2 weeks in bed at the hospital? Is she now very weak and unsteady with her movement? At […]
Why a Minimalist Lifestyle is Best for Aging Parents
Is a minimalist lifestyle a better fit for your aging parents? Are you worried about the sheer volume of things in your aging mother’s house? This is a common problem for those with aging parents. Most of the time we don't understand why they keep trinkets and things around. But in reality, it might be […]
What are the best exercises for seniors at home?
You might be wondering what the best exercises for seniors at home are. Of course, you'd want your parent to be as strong as possible. But the question is, are you giving them the right exercise to keep them healthy and strong? It is a good idea to check with her primary care physician prior […]