September 1, 2023
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From Confusion to Clarity: A Caregiver's Guide to Hospital Discharge Queries
Last week we started looking at the hospital discharge process and what potential discharge destinations would be. You can find that post here. Today we take a look at who, how and when to ask questions regarding discharging from acute care and when to follow up.  Who do I ask about the discharge plan?  Depending […]
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The Need for Caregiver Self Care When Caring for the Elderly
Advances in medicine today have given people the ability to live longer in recent generations. This has given rise to the need for caregivers for this aging population. Many adult children find themselves as caregivers, regardless of whether or not they wanted the position. This can lead to increased stress, anxiety, depression and burnout among those […]
How to Provide Better Home Care for Seniors
There is a huge need for senior services in general for our aging loved ones. When caring for the elderly, there are numerous things to consider. For example can my mom stay at home with help or is long-term care within a retirement facility required? Fortunately for our seniors, there been an increase in options […]
Modern Technology to Reduce Caregiver Stress and Worry
Thanks to advancements in modern technology, people, including seniors, are more connected than ever before. This allows you to rest easy knowing mom is safe at home. A few relatively easy uses of technology can increase your parents ability to age in place reduce burden on the caregivers.   There is no need to feel […]
Hospice vs Palliative Care, what is the Difference?
Often there is confusion around hospice vs palliative care. Phyllis is not sure how to differentiate between the two types of care programs. Also, what exactly is palliative care and does it carry the same meaning for a very ill person? What about a person who does not have much longer to live?   Hospice and palliative […]
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