December 1, 2023
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Senior Safety Solutions: Navigating the World of Personal Emergency Response
Last week we took a look at wearable technology and part of that was a brief look at pros and cons of medical alert devices. You can find that post here. Another name for Medical alert devices is Personal Emergency Response System (PERS). Today we will look at an overview of this technology as well […]
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Real-Life Scenarios and the Necessity of Preparedness for the Elderly
In our previous discussion, we touched upon the unique challenges our elderly loved ones face during emergencies. Today, we'll dive deeper into various real-life situations that highlight the importance of being well-prepared. Historical Events: Learning from the Past Let's begin with a look back at history. Many of us recall significant events, like major storms, […]
A Safe Path forward: The Importance of Emergency Plans for the Elderly
The Vulnerability of the Elderly Population Older people have a harder time in emergencies than younger people on average. This is often due to physical limitations. As we age, our mobility often becomes restricted.  This makes it harder for seniors to quickly move or react during sudden situations. In the event that a quick evacuation […]
Sickness for the Merwin's this week.
Hello! I have a series almost ready that I have been working on related to emergency preparedness for seniors. It is a 3 part series and will start next week. It was supposed to begin this week but a 2 year old in school for the first time turned into a sick toddler and eventually […]
Aging Gracefully: The Power of Energy Management for the Elderly
Today we wrap up the series on aging in place and the four pillars of a healthy lifestyle for the elderly. In previous weeks we have looked at exercise and activity, diet and nutrition, as well as social interaction and community. Today we take a look at the fourth pillar: energy conservation and lifestyle adaption. […]