October 14, 2022
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How Ramsay Hunt Disease Can Be Prevented in Seniors

Ramsay Hunt Disease is a viral infection that primarily affects seniors.

It’s painful and uncomfortable and can even affect the person long-term. 

In my last post, we discussed Ramsay Hunt Disease and its symptoms. 

Now here’s the next question. Is there a way for caregivers to prevent their loved ones from getting Ramsay Hunt disease? 

Let’s find out. 

What is the prognosis for people with Ramsay Hunt disease?

Ramsey Hunt disease is most commonly diagnosed in seniors over 60. 

Its symptoms include fever, headache, rash, and pain. 

The virus can also cause facial paralysis and hearing loss. That’s why caregivers should be aware of the symptoms of Ramsey Hunt disease and how to prevent it.

It is extremely painful for the person, especially if the rashes affect their inner ear. 

The worst cases can last for months. But if there isn’t much damage to the facial nerves, most symptoms get better in a few weeks. 

However, it’s essential to get diagnosed as early as possible. If the treatment is delayed, there’s a lesser chance of recovery for the patient. 

So what are possible long-term complications of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome if not treated in time? 

Since the disease attacks the nerves, there’s a considerable possibility of facial disfigurement. 

One’s tastebuds may also be affected by mouth and tongue sores. 

Corneal ulcers and infections may also occur, resulting in blindness or loss of vision in the affected eye.

Facial muscles and eyelids can experience spasms too. It can also cause abnormal reactions and movements if the nerves don’t regenerate. 

And in worst cases, a spinal tap may be needed to address nerve issues with the patient. 

That’s why it’s necessary to know the signs and symptoms early on. 

Check out our previous post about the signs and symptoms of Ramsay Hunt Disease here.

Can Ramsey Hunt Syndrome be cured?

There is still no known cure for Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. 

However, there are ways for seniors to avoid getting it. 

The best way to prevent Ramsey Hunt disease is to get the chickenpox vaccine. It is recommended for all children over 12 months of age. 

Getting the vaccine is 90% more effective in preventing chickenpox in the future. 

Adults can also get vaccinated against chickenpox to prevent getting Ramsey Hunt Syndrome. 

People aged 50 years and older are recommended to get the shingles vaccine.

Since shingles and chickenpox are of the same virus, the shingles vaccine can increase the person’s protection against Ramsey Hunt Disease. 

How can Ramsay Hunt Disease be prevented?

Since there is still no known cure for Ramsay Hunt Disease, the best way to go is to prevent it from happening. 

The best thing to do is to strengthen your elder’s immunity. 

Here are five tips on boosting the elderly’s immune system naturally.

Get enough Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for boosting one’s immune system. It also reduces the risk of autoimmune diseases.

According to research, a person with a Vitamin D deficiency has a higher risk of developing conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Good thing we have a free vitamin D source: the sun. And 10-30 minutes a few days per week on the hands, arms and face is usually enough.

So make sure your loved ones get enough sunlight regularly.


You should know by now how beneficial movement and exercise is for seniors. 

So as a caregiver, make sure to encourage them to move regularly. 

Go on walks, go swimming, or do low-impact exercises. 

Make sure to focus on increasing muscle strength and core exercises. Check out this guide about core exercises for strength and balance

Eat a nutrient-dense diet.

Diet plays a massive role in boosting the immune system. 

Go for food rich in Vitamin C, B vitamins, selenium and zinc.

It’s also good to give your seniors probiotics to improve their digestion and help them absorb more nutrients.

Get vaccinated

Make sure your elders are up to date with their seasonal vaccines. 

Give them flu shots and pneumococcal vaccines to protect them from potential health risks. 

These vaccines boost the creation of antibodies in the elderly and make it easier for them to fight off seasonal diseases. 

Flu vaccines are available at hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies near you, so make sure they’re updated yearly. 

Get plenty of quality sleep. 

Stress is among the top causes of immunity issues. 

Chronic stress can cause hormonal imbalances and eventually weaken immunity. So you should ensure high-quality sleep in seniors. 

With the body at rest, it’s much easier to recover. 

Encourage your loved ones to take naps and create an environment for easier, uninterrupted sleep. 

Check out more tips on how to get seniors to sleep better here.

Final thoughts 

Ramsey Hunt disease is a severe viral infection that primarily affects seniors. 

However, there are things caregivers can do to prevent it. The best way to avoid Ramsey Hunt disease is by being immune to chickenpox. 

Additionally, caregivers should ensure seniors practice good hygiene, wash their hands frequently, and avoid contact with people who have chickenpox or shingles. 

Other vaccinations, such as influenza and pneumococcal vaccine, can also help reduce seniors’ risk of developing RamseyHunt disease.

And don’t forget to build their immunity too.

Did we miss any important tips? Share them with us below. 

That's all for today.

Take care, keep mom safe and have a great day!


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