October 28, 2022
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Geriatric Care Management: Here's What You Need to Know

Have you heard about geriatric care management? 

If you have an elderly loved one who needs assistance, then this is something you should know.

I first heard about geriatric care management during my interview with Jason Auyer. 

He talked about his parents' business, Inspire Care Support, and how it helped seniors live independently. 

So today, we look at geriatric care management and why you should learn more about it. 

Let's get started. 

What is geriatric care management?

Growing old is never easy, especially for people who have been independent for so long. 

Healthaffairs.org estimates that the US will have more citizens over 65 by 2030. And the numbers are said to be at 83.7 million by 2050, doubling in size from 2012. 

These numbers mean an added load to the healthcare system that needs to support the intricacies of caring for the senior population. 

The problem is it can get more difficult for families to care for and address the unique requirements of the older generation. 

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So how does geriatric care management alleviate this challenge? 

Geriatric care management is a program that helps healthcare workers, physicians, care teams, and relatives coordinate the care of aging patients. 

Programs like these help patients receive all the assistance they need to live an independent and quality life. 

Caring for the elderly is often demanding, overwhelming, and expensive. 

Families often have trouble adjusting to the changes in lifestyle, behaviors, and capabilities of their elders. 

There are also times when seniors go without family members to help them. 

That's where geriatric care management comes in. 

How does geriatric care management help family caregivers?

Also called aging life care managers, they are usually licensed social workers and health professionals trained in senior care. 

They act as advocates and guides to help family members adjust to new responsibilities. They also step in for families who want to ensure their loved ones are well cared for. 

Some can even act as counselors that take the pressure off of family members who also care for children or workplace responsibilities. 

Geriatric care managers often serve many purposes depending on the person's needs. 

They can help the family or the primary caregiver plan the care management plan for the elderly. In addition, they can help with a range of assessments and coordination of care, especially for daily living.


These can include evaluating, arranging for, and monitoring home health aides. They can also help coordinate medical appointments and even arrange transportation to and from the hospital. 

Most senior care providers are also experts in explaining complex topics that can be too emotionally difficult for family members. 

They can refer financial, legal, or medical professionals as needed. 

A geriatric care provider can act as a liaison if you live miles away. They can also find respite care for stressed-out caregivers. 

Geriatric care providers and home care management 

In our previous blog post, Jason Auyer talked about one of the biggest challenges in healthcare: home care support. 

He mentioned the need for more patient advocates who can ensure better recovery rates through home care management. 

Most senior patients have a hard time adjusting to life at home after hospitalization. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has an available caregiver to help them with simple daily tasks. 

Some seniors have problems with mobility and memory issues which can affect their treatment and recovery. 

Without the right assistance, they can take the wrong medication, or worse, go back to the hospital due to falls and other accidents. 

The challenge is, not everyone is aware that geriatric care managers are available to help. 

There are different services that families and caregivers can get to make sure their senior loved ones get the assistance they need. 

Aging life care managers can take care of tasks like coordinating grocery deliveries, medication management, and even personal care. 

And because of their professional training in geriatrics, psychology, and other disciplines, they make life much easier for the elderly. 

It also allows family members the peace of mind knowing that their elderly loved ones are in good hands. 

Where can you find geriatric care management?

There are a lot of options available for geriatric care management. But one I would recommend you check out is Inspire Care and Support Services. 

Inspire Care specializes in personal care and daily living assistance to individuals and seniors aging in place. 

Their home care advocates can help you and your family navigate through challenging times, especially when caring for the elderly who chose to age in place. 

geriatric care manager

Inspire Care offers services such as dementia care, hospital discharge care, and customizable plans that address the needs of any individual. 

They can also take care of tasks such as meal planning, shopping, and even arrange for companionship especially for seniors living alone. 

While these tasks may seem simple or mundane, it can make a huge difference for people who need it the most. 

If you want to get more information about their services, you can visit their website here

Final thoughts 

Geriatric care management bridges the gap between physicians, families, caregivers and patients. 

With their help, more patients can continue their recovery program without much issues. 

Families can also rest knowing their aging parents are cared for and age in place safely and securely. 

Have you tried getting geriatric care managers for your aging parents? Share your experience with us below. 

That's all for today.

Take care, keep mom safe and have a great day!


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