September 23, 2022
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Are DIY Home Renovations on a Budget Worth It?

It’s tempting to do DIY home renovations on a budget. 

But the question is, would you save money by doing things on your own? Or would it be better to hire a contractor in the long run? 

That’s the question we will answer today. 

So let’s go! 

Benefits of renovating your home for aging in place 

Over the last several years, nearly 90% of seniors wish to age in their own homes.

And it’s not even surprising. 

It’s deeply personal for seniors to stay in their own space—tied with meaningful memories.

It’s more comfortable. And it allows them to have autonomy and feel more independent compared to moving into facilities.

Instead of families transferring their loved ones to senior assisted living facilities, they can go for more affordable home renovation.

Read more about the challenges seniors face with aging in place.

But anyway we look at it, we must consider how we can make the home accessible for our aging loved ones. 

DIY Home renovations

Home renovation is a great option. But there are also some things we should consider.

A home renovation means turning an older home into a construction zone that can be overwhelming.

They might take longer than planned. And unexpected changes to the budget and even delays to your plans can be stressful.

And depending on the age of the house, it can also harbor some toxins. 

Lead, asbestos, and radon are some of the toxic materials often found in old homes. These can be health hazards, especially if they’re not correctly addressed.

So, having them professionally tested and removed can protect our seniors from suffering respiratory side effects.

Planning to have an aging-in-place renovation means choosing which areas to prioritize.

And for this one, an essential starting point is the bathroom. 

This is the primary sources of accidents such as falls and slips, especially in the shower area.  

Focusing on the kitchen area is also essential, as it can be one of the most dangerous places at home. 

Fire, burn injuries, and use of defective heating equipment are just some hazards our seniors face. As their caregivers, it’s important to check up on these things.

Check out some age-in-place guidelines here.

The bedroom is another area we should consider. 

Although it may be the highest of our priorities, it can also be a source of accidents. 

Seniors move around the bedroom and do many tasks, like getting ready for the day. 

At times, navigate in the dark may be necessary, which can be difficult, especially if there’s not enough clear space for them to walk around.

Read more about the guide to aging place here.

DIY home renovation on a budget: yea or nay?

One of the most significant decisions we make when renovating a home is whether to DIY or hire professionals.

The question that we always ask is: How much can we actually do?

Of course, planning the perfect aging-in-place home for our loved ones can be quite a handful. And it’s easy for the cost to stack up. 

Good thing home remodeling doesn’t have to involve massive renovation. 

Even the most minor changes can improve a loved one’s safety. And if you’re on a budget, then DIY home renovation is a great choice.

You can refer to endless resources to help DIY home renovation, like watching online how-to videos or reading manuals. 

The general rule is to do the DIY jobs you feel confident about and have the skills to finish your to-do list.

For example, some simple home modifications include swapping knobs for levers on furniture, cabinets, and doors. 


Lever handles provide more grip and are much easier to operate. It can make it easier for seniors with limited dexterity functions to access items and rooms around the house.

Installing adjustable handheld shower heads and portable shower chairs can make bathing more comfortable and safe for them. 

It lessens their energy expenditure and can even decrease the risk of falls.

Another simple DIY project to note is rearranging the furniture for wider walkways. 

Also, installing non-slip floor coverings and removing tripping hazards like carpeting can reduce risk of falling.

Read more on top remodeling ideas here.

But if you’re planning on complex home modifications, you don’t have to do it alone. Instead, it’s advisable to call in a professional contractor with experience.

Some extensive modifications would require following code standards, including installing handrails, doorway ramps, or automatic push-button doors. 

These are not simple tasks and would take a lot of effort.

In addition, you may have to remodel the entire area, and that’s not something you want to do on your own.

Plus, taking on a fully DIY home renovation can cause injuries in several ways, especially if not done with care. 

So hiring experts with the “know-how” for major renovations would be the best option.

Final Thoughts

DIY home renovation on a budget is a great start to improving our loved one’s safety.

But to have the assurance that the larger jobs are done right, it’s still best to call a professional for help.

That's all for today.

Take care, keep mom safe and have a great day!


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