December 30, 2022
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5 Best Lessons I Learned While Blogging in 2022

2022 was a year of exploration for me as a blogger. 

As you know, I’ve created Keep Mom Safe at Home as a place where caregivers can find resources for senior care. 

But over the years, it has expanded into caregiver tips and home improvements for aging in place. 

So today, I’m sharing with you the five best lessons I learned while blogging and trying new things in 2022. 

Let’s get it started! 

Consistency is key

It can be challenging to come up with content and topics to talk about regularly. 

But it is a necessary step to keep your momentum going. 

I set a blogging schedule and write ideas as I go. This way, I don’t run out of topics and insights to share with my audience. 

Write for your audience.

This is also a key ingredient in creating content for my blog.

I used to think blogging was all about what’s important to me. I thought sticking with a topic was enough to get an audience to read my blog. 

But eventually, it became difficult to write because I needed more ideas. 

So I turned into the audience I wanted to serve to find our what pains them. 

Much of my content now comes from forums and groups where caregivers share their frustrations. 

And I will try to provide more information about dealing with these challenges. 

Writing for an audience has changed the way I thought of blogging. 

Because of this simple step, I’ve become more connected with my readers. 

Share personal thoughts and insights. 

The biggest reason I blog about senior care and aging in place comes from my experience as a caregiver. 

My wife and I have cared for many aging grandparents as they struggled to age in place, and a parent as they were dying.

Thankfully, there have been other family members to assist and even be the primary caregivers in certain cases.

And while it is not an easy feat, it made us realize how important it is for us to care for our loved ones in the last days of their lives. 

I know that not everyone has a great relationship with their parents and elders. 

And it isn’t easy to care for someone who might not have been there for you in the past. 

The good thing is you are not alone. 

Others also experience the same things. 

That’s why my goal is to help people like you navigate elderly care as best as you can. 

All the thoughts and tips I share come from my experience dealing with the elderly all the time. 

Between working with family and 13+ years as a physical therapist specializing in geriatrics, I’m hopeful that my expertise can ease your struggles even for just a bit. 


I stepped out of my comfort zone this year, and I must say I’ve gotten great results. 

One of the best things I did was get help from other people. 

I got a content strategist's help to improve my content and writing. 

Going out and looking for collaborations also helped me get to know more people and learn about what they do in elder care.

One of the best thin[ I learned this year was about geriatric care management.

Honestly, I didn’t know such a service was available for families living far away from aging parents. 

And because I got to talk to one expert about it, I learned about options for healthcare that could benefit my readers too. 

I also talked to many senior care community experts and got more ideas about how they helped care for the elderly. 

It was a challenge since I wasn’t used to doing it. 

But because I decided to become a better blogger, I found new ways to connect with the experts in my community. 

Have fun

I admit there are times when blogging feels like a chore. 

But then I remembered the reason why I started writing in the first place. 

Doing so helped me go back to my purpose in blogging and have fun with it. 

As someone passionate about senior care, I have always been interested in finding ways to support and advocate for seniors. 

When I started my senior care blog, I knew I wanted to create a space where I could share my experiences, insights, and resources with others.

Through my blog, I have connected with seniors, caregivers, and others interested in promoting healthy aging and improving the lives of seniors. 

I have learned so much from my readers and have used my blog as a platform to raise awareness about important issues related to senior care.

Final thoughts

Overall, Keep Mom Safe at Home has been a personal and fulfilling journey. 

And I am grateful for the opportunity to positively impact the lives of seniors and their caregivers. 

I hope my blog can continue to be a source of support and inspiration for those passionate about geriatric care.

See you next year!

That's all for today.

Take care, keep mom safe and have a great day!


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